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Sep 14, 2018 Learn to use the random orbital sander correctly and avoid common In fact, pressing down can bog the motor, slowing down the process and  An orbital sander is a small hand-held sanding tool designed for delicate or Pressing down on an orbital sander actually slows the speed of the disks rotation   Does the motor spin freely with the random orbit mechanism removed? Not sure what the issue is with each, but generally that they're slow. On the slow speed or number 1 position at 40lbs we could hear the sander start to strain, but  I also turn it off while still in contact with the surface, always moving until the sander slows down to an obvious rumble. The Norton 5" Random Orbital Sander is the perfect utility sander for any shop. Most of us move the sander far too quickly — like we are polishing our shoes or something. Slow Down while Sanding If you're accustomed to hand sanding or using a belt sander where you constantly keep things moving, this one can take a bit of a perspective shift to wrap your head around. Use the right sandpaper; On the sandpaper packets, you will see a number that is anywhere between 80 to 220. Slow down; If you are habitual of using a belt sander, then you will move ROS fast on the surface. Consequently, you need to slow down your sander to prevent this from happening. As the wood dries, any loose wood fibers will stand up. Plus, if you push too hard, you will probably not be able to keep that pressure level maintained throughout the sanding process and this may result in the wood being unevenly sanded. Excellent for sanding with any grit. In light of that, the slower 2,500 to 8,500 OPM is probably more suited for finishing sanding jobs while still retaining the random orbit sander ability to aggressively sand down rougher patches. Dewalt offers a three-year limited warranty, a one-year free service contract, and a 90-day money back guarantee. It extends from 3. The excellent quality hard plastic body is housing a 3 Amp motor that has enough power that even with some added pressure will not bog down nor get hot. They are good for finishing tasks in furniture building, trim carpentry where you may need to sand spackle, painting prep and other uses. You can fix it from slow (for details) to fast (to get tasks done in a flash ). The normal weight of the sander is sufficient to sand and there is no need to exert extra pressure. While back will be the input power, you should pay more attention to the output power since that’s what’s actually being used to move the sanding pad. One of the best choice of woodworkers is the random orbit sander. I always turn the sander on when it is already on the wood. When it comes to choosing a sander, you should know that there are a lot of different things you need to keep in mind and it might seem overwhelming to try and find the best one to fit your needs. Use a light hand and let the sander’s weight do the work. This feature slows the sander down when it isn't on the surface. . We currently have 37x60 wide belt sander but are having to sand out all the cross grain scratches and it’s eating up a whole day. Random Orbit Sander produces The Bosch 5 in. Member. On the other hand, an orbital sander is perfect for light sanding and refinishing, or if you just want to put down a fresh coat of varnish. I have also had problems with electric sanders with brakes. WHWoodworking is offline Quote Quick Reply But remember the general recommendation is whenever you’re using this sander, you want to finish your project with hand sanding in the direction of the grain to make sure you take off any swirl marks left behind by a random orbit sander. The smallest end has a diameter of 0. Also when you sand a piece, start in the upper left corner and move down the piece to the bottom at a pace of 1" per 1 second, then move your sander over to the right, only half the width of the sanding disc and proceed back to the top. A random orbital sander with a variable speed control may cost more but it is well worth the extra cost. One of the benefits to a random sander is that the user is not restricted to only sanding with the grain the way they need to with a sheet sander. Model D26451K. . If there’s one tool I reach for more than any other to sand wood or remove finishes, it’s this one. The Makita 9903 is our pick for best belt sander for jobs that require a high degree of performance. My orbital sander is square and I just cut down a piece of sandpaper, and it locks with clamps. Random orbital sanders come in a wide variety of designs and handle locations. Floor sanding is a job that has to be done by experts. Powerfulwill not slow down under pressure. Metabo rather than One down side of an orbital sander is they mostly have a small dust collecting bags, so during smoothing one has to always check if it is full so as to be able to empty it. i took it apart, cleaned armature put in new brushes and bearing , still bogs down when placed under load. The 3M 20317 Random Orbital Sander is easily the most expensive random orbit or orbital sander on this list. It keeps the motor from spinning too fast when you lift the sander off your work. This part is made of firm rubber to protect the cords from being pulled out or exposed, which would be a safety hazard. Always keep a light yet firm amount of pressure on your sander throughout the process. Hold a random orbital sander with the disk flat against the wood surface. There was a tendency though, for the sander to want to vibrate out of the holding slot. Jun 20, 2018 I want a random orbit that is like a drill or electric right angle sander. This feature lets you slow down and sneak up on the veneer more easily. Moving it while wearing gloves is very difficult. I am wondering if there is a huge difference in 5” and 6” sanders. Only drawback is the air requirements. It's quiet and lightweight with little vibration. It was this Grex 2" random orbital sander that was a major player in my own decision to upgrade my compressor. This part is black and 4 inches long. 21V. Thank you for watching, for more information go to: https://www. For now you can find my Stickers at the ETSY shop this is an orbit sander ,no belts , motor does slow down with no power woodyarn Nov 28, 2010 i took it apart, cleaned armature put in new brushes and bearing , still bogs down when placed under load. But, when I put it onto anyting under normal pressure the head of the sander begins to slow and eventually will sotp if I dont pick it off the surface. the problem with a mouse sander is that the orbit or the pad isnt large enough, for example it may have an orbit of say an eight of an inch where Dual Action sander made for bodywork would have an orbit of 5/8 of an inch and really knock that filler down quick This sander has low vibrations, but holding this sander on the top did cause some fatigue in our arm, while holding the sander on the side let us work for longer periods of time. Dust capture isn't great but better than cheapo sanders , and it can be cleaned out fairly easily if u can get the damn box open. Michael Mittelsdorf. The Forum is a free service, and much like the "free" content on Public Radio, we hope you will support WoodenBoat by subscribing to this fabulous magazine. I have a RDIGID 5" orbital sander (a couple of years old). Reducing the speed of a 200w orbital sander If all seems ok, back it down to about 75%, let it run a bit, and assuming the motor slows down, see if either the It was this Grex 2" random orbital sander that was a major player in my own decision to upgrade my compressor. When completing this repair tuck in all wires to avoid pinching. the sander to slow down the freewheel motion of the pad, but this will  Jun 16, 2018 This is a convenient, compact, and clean orbit sander. Orbital/Con – Slow results. it is a heavy duty tool for a very specific niche: Heavily sanding down large flat surfaces . To insure even sanding use a pencil to lightly sketch a squiggly line across the surface of what is being sanded and make sure that all of the pencil markings are sanded away at an even rate. Random Orbital Sanders. You see them from every major tool maker. Best Sander For Removing Paint - Guide and Reviews. Pressing down on an orbital sander actually slows the speed of the disks rotation effectively slowing the efficiency of the sander. you can end up slowing down the rpm of the sander giving you more swirl marks, also,  3 days ago The Mastercraft 2. The Black and Decker random orbital sander is an efficient and compact sander made for all kinds of jobs. It's about 6 months out of the warranty period, so I either need to fix it or throw it away. Are you looking to purchase a random orbital sander, but having trouble deciding which one is best?Are you finding it hard understanding the features that come with each sander, what extras you need and what the different power ratings mean? An orbital polisher oscillates – or wobbles – while it spins. On top of the Bosch orbital sander is a rubber covered knob that acts as the primary grip. Designed for different purposes, drum and orbital sanders both have a place On the other hand, an orbital sander is perfect for light sanding and refinishing, or if you just want to put down a fresh coat of varnish. This polisher will slow down or stop if too much pressure is applied. The one in the photo is missing its pad, demonstrating a fairly common failure mode for random orbital sanders. 0-amp motor, generating 12,500 orbits per minute, this utility sander provides a 3/32" orbit that helps make quick work of most sanding projects. « on: March 23, 2016, 05:06 PM » So today my employer surprised us all with another new purchase, three Rupes LS71T orbital sanders to replace the old Festool sanders. Dewalt Random Orbital Sander Power Tool Review. Part of this is exertion, but a significant portion is due to vibration and comfort. In fact, some orbital polishers slow down or stop altogether if you apply too much pressure. The compressor runs constantly and the sander slows down but does keep spinning. Never slow down the speed of your sander (pushing too hard) The faster it spins the better. I also attached some perforated rubber drawer liner to the bottom, so it won’t slide around on the work surface. If you have a velcro type system, clean the hooks on the sander's backing bad by soaking the pad's face in a plate of paint thinner for 20 to 30 minutes then use a wire brush to remove the rest of the paint physically. The problem I have is that now it will practically stop spinning when I place it against the surface to be sanded. The sander seems well constructed, is very light and the controls work well for this lefty. Now, if you run your sander on full speed on such materials, it will simply sand through. These discs are attached to the tools baseplate using adhesion or a hook and loop approach. mfwoodshop. I turned it off to make sure it wasn't clogged or something (it wasn't) and when I switched it back on, nothing happened. Sanding a whole floor with a Rotex is hard work, sanding a floor with a normal cheap random orbital is torture. They are not good for heavy paint removal, floor finish removal, drywall sanding and sanding into tight corners. Don't have one or ever used one but I've been told it's the tool for th job for sanding back teak after I've recaulked it and also sanding back my Iroki Capping rails before re-varnishing. Only thing to watch out for is the Velcro attachment for the paper , I'm on my third , this year but using it to round edges , remove the pith under bark Of live edge , The Best Orbital Sander Review - Updated for 2019. I just got a HD gift card and I want to get a random orbital sander. As mentioned above, a random orbital sander makes use of sanding discs for sanding down services. When you first try it, that speed will seem SO SLOW! But it allows the machine to properly do its work, and you will soon learn that by slowing down in that regard, you actually spend less time sanding overall. Random Orbit Sander produces 12 000 Orbits Per Minute and uses orbital and rotational action and a soft pliable microcellular backing pad to produce a blended smooth finish on contoured and flat surfaces. Try as you might to keep dust out of your workshop, it will always find a way in. But - random orbital sanders are designed to be used extremely slowly. spins away perfectly normally until you put it down on the workpiece when it seems to just lose its momentum. Random Orbit Sander features an electronic speed control dial for maximum control for different applications. Stand Polisher in upright In such instances, you won’t need the variable speed feature. DEWALT D26453K 3 Amp 5-Inch Random Orbital Sander Kit. It is very barebones, but it is at a low price point, so that is expected. Manufactures put this feature on the sander to keep it from freewheeling and gouging the material when the sander is first put onto the work piece. The ergonomically designed rubber palm grip will eliminate fatigue and feel good in your hand. Maybe I'm slow on the uptake, but each time a rib caught on the edge of a sander takes to completely shut down after hitting the power button. jambourgie. I was happily sanding, when the motor started to slow down erratically. Random orbital sanders are used to sand flat wooden surfaces and are especially useful on projects where […] An orbital sander can do the job if the wood surface is new, without any finish. 80,100,120,150,180,220,280,320 etc, if you skip one it will swirl. Let the wood dry completely. A random orbital sander is a must have tool for anyone with an interest in woodwork and craft projects. We are now dealing with a huge problem in our sanding. 5 inches. 4 A Random Orbit Sander features a 12500 OPM motor for Dust catcher doesn't work motor speeds up and slows down . Slow down. This type of vibration allows you to sand in any direction you wish. That, you can't put a price tag on. Using the sander. and it has survived some horrid projects since then with no sign of slowing down. It slows the tool down and leads to even more swirl marks. You have to show some patient here and move it slowly to get the best finish. 6 In. Turn on the sander and let it spin up to speed before making contact with the material. We have had to turn down some shops that have such a high volume of work that we just couldn’t keep up because of our finish sanding problem. Contrary to popular belief, additional pressure is detrimental to efficient sanding as it slows the speed of the pad. Lift the sander off of the material before turning it off. Featuring a variable speed of 310 to 920 RPM that is run by a potent motor, this thing won’t slow down no matter what you throw at it. Over time the strain relief can develop cracks and break into pieces. You need to balance out the  As suggested in the name, random orbital sanders move at random to prevent swirling. The brushes will not become worn all at once. Dual-Mode Electronic Random Orbit Sander/Polisher The variable-speed dial ensures you can speed up or slow down the tool to match the task at hand. Jun 26, 2019 I have wanted a Ridgid oscillating sander for several years. Always move the sander in a left right action with the direction of the grain. Keep your paper sharp, Micron graded paper will swirl less than the Cami or P rated papers. As far as the finish quality: You really need to look for a random orbital wide belt sander. 6 to 5. If I touch the surface lightly it will work normally, but when I set it down and apply (even minimum) pressure it barely spins. Power sanders, like all other power tools that run at high loads for extended periods of time, will tend to wear down motor brushes, especially when using models designed for casual homeowner use. But remember the general recommendation is whenever you’re using this sander, you want to finish your project with hand sanding in the direction of the grain to make sure you take off any swirl marks left behind by a random orbit sander. The most ergonomic sander I've ever held in my hands. But while sanding some wood last week, the sander suddenly started to shudder alot and slow down a bit, and started smelling like burning rubber. 9 mm Random orbital design results in no "cut through"s" or holograms wheel marks. Details. But, that is not the right way as random orbital sanders are slow. High quality sanders will have a lower input power, but still provide a higher output power. Answer: The quick and simple answer is that you should oil your sander when you feel the rate of cut slow down. Using 40 grit discs, I let it run very slowly with little pressure down the grain of the board. Sanders come in many different guises: random orbital sanders provide oscillation and rotation and can often run at slow speeds for use as polishers when combined with a suitably soft buffing attachment. One of the brushes had worn right down to the spring and the resultant arcing  Dec 18, 2018 #2 - Random orbital sander dos and don'ts. Variable Speed Cordless Polisher by RBL®. Orbital sander seems to be slow. Orbital sander comes in types for making a perfect finish. It sounds fine when you run it without applying it to any surface. A brake can wear out, but it’s inexpensive and easy to fix. If you preferred the stick on paper technique, many models offer interchangeable basis you can buy separately that will help make this process easier. Overall Over all the Dewalt random orbital sander is a very nice sander. But, once you’ve used a sharp scraper, you’ll find yourself reaching for it more often than for your sander. Another was weight applied to the sander before it bogs down. Overall, slower speeds will be better for a smooth, silky finish. Types of Orbital Sanders. A good part of my business comes from repairs after the customer has messed up the job. The port is vented to prevent strong vacuum suction from slowing down the free spinning action of the pad. Orbital buffers are the best buffers around as these slow-action products are the safer alternative to standard buffers. They take the hard work out of sanding and give your work a smooth and professional look and feel. It is very  May 16, 2019 Random orbital sanders are ideal for either light to medium As the crystalline material breaks down in use, it creates new, ultra-sharp edges to Excess vibration, common with cheap sanders, also means slow, very tiring . What your sander is telling you is, “I’m thirsty!” Know Your Power Sanders, And How to Use Them. This comes down to a personal preference for comfort and control. Popular Black and Decker Orbital or Palm Sander Parts. The Bosch ROS65VC-5 Random Orbit Sander/Polisher delivers a Vibration Control . For adhesive pads clean the sander's backing pad surface with denatured alcohol. A scraper is faster than an orbital sander and you never have to change grits. no load, then slow down very dramatically because they have no torque. You might not want to spend $70 on the Bosch Random Orbital Sander so I’ll tell you the features I always look for when selecting my sanders and you can shop around for something that will fit your needs and budget. This sometimes slows working and productivity. The brake prevents the disc from digging into the wood when you set it down on a new area. Hey guys I have a DeWalt orbital sander DW 420, and it is not working properly. Apr 4, 2019 Why do I get swirl marks with my random orbit sander? I will tell Now is when you need to slow down, take your time, and be patient. PORTER-CABLE recently sent me their Low Profile Random Orbital Sander whereas traditional random orbit sanders slow down as bias (or down force) is  A comprehensive Orbital Sanders Review featuring the top power tool brands You may either need to slow down or go fast not to damage the surface you are  Random orbital sanders are hand-held power tools for sanding in which the sanding blade Festo in 1982) of a belt sander with the ability to produce a finer finish than that available from a standard, slow speed orbital finishing sander. com Here you can find blogs, Swag shop and more is added all the time. If your power sander switch is in the "on" position but nothing happens, you may have worn motor brushes. The sander features the Bosch Micro filter on-tool canister system for powerful dust Random orbital sanders usually have motors running with roughly 2-5 Amps. 2. Also vacuum cleaners, blenders, etc. veneered ones. Move over DTS400, there's a new king of orbital sanders. Random orbital sanders have an offset drive bearing which makes the sanding pad work around a wood surface in both an elliptical and circular motion. After your final pass with the power sander, wipe a damp sponge over the wood. And now, it still shudders, smells like burning rubber, and (when I first depress the trigger to start it) sounds like typical speed but then slows down considerably. A correct pace is about 1-inch per second. But, that is not the right way as random orbital sanders are slow My random orbital sander died. When it does turn the dial produces accurate and meaningful changes. This helps protect the paint from getting burned as it keeps the polisher from applying too much pressure on any one spot. Stop the sander periodically to clean the sanding dust from the floor, using a broom or vacuum. 2 feet and has an incredibly sturdy and smooth pivot that ensure you can sand any angle with ease. It makes the motor  Sep 1, 2015 I set my random-orbit sander to maximum speed for any grit I'm by slowing down in that regard, you actually spend less time sanding overall. The hard part is getting a good cutting edge on a scraper; it takes some practice. We'll help you decide whether you need a belt sander Orbital Sander: Losing power with pressure. Looking to purchase a top air driven RO sander with small or 3/32 RO. The BO5041K shines when sanding wide open work pieces where the extra handles make the sander more stable and don't get in the way. Orbital Sander: Losing power with pressure. Its usually the 80 and 100 grit that will make the most swirls if you move too quickly. Because the Dynabrade sander is lighter than other sanders, the vibration is greatly reduced as the eccentric balancer rotates. Do not sand over large accumulations of dust, as the ground-in dust could scratch the floor. Grip and Handle. Dust aside this thing is incredible , 6 speed settings which is good as u can slow it down for edges or if u don't want to remove too much material. Too low of a setting slows down your work. Although my compressor is rated about 5 scfm at 90psi, it still is not enough for this sander. Look for orbital sanders with dust-proof housings and switches to extend the life of your tool. I pull the sander off when it gets to this   Dec 8, 2011 New Low-Vibration, High-Quality Random Orbital Sander from . how fast should the disk of a random orbit sander spin ? The WoodenBoat Forum is sponsored by WoodenBoat Publications , publisher of WoodenBoat magazine. I also turn it off while still in contact with the surface, always moving until the sander slows down to an obvious rumble. The speed selector dial in the rear of the sander sits in its own recesses. A random orbital sander is definitely one of the first items to add to your power tool arsenal. The best random orbital sanders come with variable speed, this will allow you to slow it down, get really good control, and help optimize the surface finish and to make sure you don’t take off any extra material by mistake. that I need to hold workpieces down to avoid picking them up with the sander. I have been using a 5" random orbit sander to sand off my acrylic paint on the top  Oct 30, 2018 The 5-in. Orbit That final part of your decision will come down to personal preference. On the flip side, the dust collection system only really works with a dust collector attached, and excessive vibrations are a problem at slow speeds. Control the cutting rate by starting with a slow speed and light pressure. A tedious chore can be done well, and quickly, with the right tools and the right sandpaper. This is especially important for those of you who are planning on sanding and refinishing hardwood floors by hand tools. The sander, plus nearly $1000 in expense for a compressor with more output and capacity was an expense that was hard to take, but the results I'm getting are golden. My ordinary orbital sander and my palm sander just did not have the grunt, and was getting me nowhere, so reluctantly I got out the old random orbital sander. Scrapers Leave Sanders in the Dust. On the slow speed or number 1 position at 40lbs we could hear the sander start to strain, but it was still going at 50lbs. Move the sander in circles, 6 to 8”, over the surface in continuous motion, progressing up or down in a small area. At 2 amps, it's also the weakest one we have in the shop, and just barely strong enough for flattening big epoxy goobers. Even if we narrow this list down to these buffers, you’re still going to have to browse through numerous brands. I can set it The Bosch 5 in. Do not press down on the sander, allow it to sand under light pressure only. Aug 25, 2008 We reviewed the Dewalt orbital sander model number DW423K. Well for a 2amp motor, we were impressed. To connect this sander with a 1 1/4- or 1 1/2-inch vac  Orbital sanders are a crucial tool needed to finish furniture and other wood projects With variable speed options you can slow down or speed up the speed  A random orbit sander can help reduce the trouble and misery of getting any of your With the variable speed option, you can speed up or slow down the speed   Jun 1, 2019 Want to Buy the Best Random Orbital Sander? smoothly and you will not feel any gouging during the start up or shut down. A random orbit sander relies on a pad that both oscillates from side to side and completely lifted off the work surface before it is shut off or even slowed down. If you are sanding something like veneer, a slow speed is much better and eliminates the problem of sand through. Bearing down on the machine may seem like a logical way to speed up the process, but it doesn’t. 4) 3M Random Orbital Sander 20317, 5 in Non-vacuum 3/16 in Orbit, 1 Per Case. It has a variable no-load speed of  The Festool ETS sander is a random orbit sander, which is a form of dual-action sander. Sometimes it really helps! One other word of advice: easy does it on the hand pressure on your sander. Our scale only went to 50lbs. If you have lots of sanding staring you down—anything from stair treads to dented doors, paint prep to glued-up panels—you’ll lose a lot of speed if you don’t own a 6" right angle random orbit sander. Once that happens to the belt it is there for the rest of the belt life. This creates a random pattern as a result of the pad size, grip, speed, and stroke length. As business increases you should start looking for a two or three head widebelt sander. These machines are designed to cut the wood fibers smoothly, but they need a little  How To Use A Random Orbit Sander For Best Results. The Festool Random Orbit Sanders ETS EC 150/3 is built for easy sanding with one power, and a built-in vibration control system slows it down when needed. The sanders get dropped; the operators push down too hard, frying the . One way to check is turn it on then off and watch the gap between the sanding pad and the body of the sander, look for wobble as it slows down. The second patch allows users to hold down the sander at the base. Moreover, because the sander is not as tall as an electric sander, it takes less energy to control the sander. random-orbit sander is a staple in most shops, and for good reason. As you may recall, slower standard orbital sanders are best used for the final sanding. While it turns around it slows down the machine quite a bit and that can cause gouges too (at some point the wheel is perpendicular to the path of the sander so it really gives the sander a short jerk). Probably 20 years old, bu it was a couple of hundred to buy. There is another patch of rubber on the body of the sander that should make it easy for anyone who prefers a more hands-on approach. One pass, front and back through a multiple head sander will reduce your labor considerably. Watch your sanding schedule i,e. GregF Normal random orbital sanders can be very slow and tedious. Finishing sanders cause thousands of small abrasive grits to move in circular obits against the wood at a high speed. However, it is likely that some of you might have to work on fragile materials i. I bought a PC 5" sander used in very good condition, however I'm not sure if it's working properly. Changing the . any ideas of what may be wrong ? Orbital Sander "SPIN-DOWN" Stand (CHECK OUT THE VIDEO) Originally, the top was parallel to the bottom (or level). They just don’t have the oomf to get the job done quickly. Is it harder to find 6” discs and are they alot more $$ ? Also do you 'Universal' (DC) motors use brushes, which essentially makes the DC winding of the motor able to function on an AC power source. Equipped with a 2. Motor power drops as the sander slows down, but remains high enough to complete the typical sanding tasks at any given motor speed. Makita 9903 Variable Speed Belt Sander. The orbital finishing sander accepts the square sheet of sanding paper that is held down by two springs and it vibrates in small circles. Instead, its movement is caused by the whipping action of the counterweighted backing plate. I attached a new 120grit disc and tried sanding a 2"x10" piece of pine. I fixed this by cutting the sides so the top sits at a 10⁰ angle to the bottom. The 5 variable speeds cover every sanding situation I encounter, from slow  Our team of experts has selected the best random orbital sanders out of when the trigger is released, so you don't have to wait for the sander to slow down. Do not tip the sander on its side to attack low spots. These are almost . At full speed we were able to push down to 50lbs and the sander still didn’t bog. Most portable power tools, like hand-held drills, routers and sanders (orbital/rotary type) use this type of motor, which is generally smaller/lighter (hence the portability). The Dewalt Sander Kit includes a sturdy tool-bag. If you push too hard, the orbital sander will slow down and be less effective. the problem with a mouse sander is that the orbit or the pad isnt large enough, for example it may have an orbit of say an eight of an inch where Dual Action sander made for bodywork would have an orbit of 5/8 of an inch and really knock that filler down quick Dust aside this thing is incredible , 6 speed settings which is good as u can slow it down for edges or if u don't want to remove too much material. There are two types of dual-action orbital polishers: Pressure on a free spinning orbital slows pad down so risk from excess pressure and speed is greatly reduced; Aggressive pads combined with aggressive compounds can leave behind micromaring but it’s very hard to do any real damage or to waste any clear coat; Burning through paint is highly unlikely, especially on flat surfaces; Difficulty If you’re looking for a compact but powerful random orbital sander to tackle the most demanding jobs you should really consider getting this Makita. It will slow down the speed of your sander which you do not want. The high speed motor will provide anywhere from 690 to 1440 feet per second of belt spin, and includes an auto tracking mechanism to prevent the belt from working itself off. Unlike an orbit pad sander, like a ¼ or ⅓ sheet sander, random orbit sanders are just not designed to run when off the wood. For long-term tool durability, the sander also has a sealed switch to protect it from dust. Ridgid R2601 5-Inch Random Orbit Sander Then I did some research on hand orbital sanders online and liked what I read about this Ridgid tool. The RIDGID 5 in. Metabo rather than Michael Mittelsdorf. Removing water based or oil based varnishes with an orbital sander is a nightmare!-tones of dust-slow progress-very hard work. My random orbital sander died. Comparing the Random Orbital Sander to the Finishing Palm Sander. speed control I have to see if I can get the sanding motor to slow down a little. It can be used for a variety of jobs, from sanding a boat down to getting a table top perfectly smooth. e. I already have a 1/4 sheet Dewalt sander but I have been wanting to get a RO for awhile. Make sure your pad is flat on your sander. This is particularly important when changing direction as many sanders have a single wheel that needs to turn around when you change direction. orbital sander slows down